Betty Boba

Betty Boba Tumbler

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  • The Betty Boba Tumbler is all you need to dress up your boba while doing good for Mama Earth. This complete set comes with the glass jar that holds up to 24 oz., a patent pending ceramic lid with a silicon plug, a glass boba straw, and a large straw cleaning brush, all designed perfectly for each other. Each piece is dishwasher safe for easy care and made for your daily life.

  • Colors: Mint, Lavender and Earl Grey
    Capacity: 24 oz.


    Customer Reviews

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    Bye-Bye Single-Use Plastic, Hello BYO

    Based on my pictures at various Bay Area boba shops, I love using my Betty Boba Tumbler! I typically drink boba 2-3 times a week and I realized I was using a lot of single-use plastic on a drink that was going to be consumed in less than half an hour. I decided to buy non-plastic tumblers for both me and my boyfriend since we are trying to be more sustainable and use less plastic. The Betty Boba Tumbler is both aesthetically pleasing and well-made, but please be careful driving over bumps/potholes with the glass straw inside the tumbler and make sure to adjust the silicone seal on the ceramic lid for a secure fit. Most boba shops will accept personal/reusable cups if you ask before placing an order, but do not be discouraged if you get rejected! So far, I am 7-3 with boba shops that accept BYO.

    Love it!!

    Such a great tumbler and a really lovely design. I use it everyday!

    Savana Brascher
    Nice cup but…

    It’s a really nice cup, very clean and sleek looking! I got one as a gift for my cousin and she used it once and the straw shattered. It’s really unfortunate because I’ve been looking for a good boba cup for her. She just bought some metal straws to replace the glass one.

    Johanna MacDonald
    Very nice glass and good customer service

    I liked the concept but I bought it for iced coffee and the stray and everything about it was for Boba, which I don't like. This will get a great product since it has no plastic or metal for Boba.

    Alex Martynowicz
    So Cute but not super functional

    The tumbler is so cute! I love the ceramic top. But the silicone seal on the top isn’t tight and doesn’t keep the lid on well at all. Wanted to love it, but it could be better.